Sports Relief

Sorry if I ran on the track and got in everyone’s way when they were running their mile today! I was just really excited to see everyone outside running … That’s why I was noisy in assembly and Tommy too me out! I want to give a big WOOF to Mr Turner, Mr Gaskin and Miss Shuker for organising today … now I’m off home for a sleep! Make sure you blog how much you enjoyed today’s Sports Relief day.

There’s a Boy in the Girls Bathroom Quiz

1. What is the name of Bradley’s teacher?
2. Can you remember something from his list of things to talk about with Carla?
3. How old do you think Bradley is?
4. Is it O.K. for him to talk to his toys?
5. Do you think he will ever get a gold star? If so when?
6. What happened when he went to beat up the girls?
7. What was the drawing of that he gave to Carla?
8. How do you think he feels now that Carla has kissed him?
9. Do you think Carla will be in trouble for kissing him? If so why?
10. Do you like to book so far?


Young Enterprise

‘9 teen’ are a young enterprise team made up of nine students. They make and sell crafts.  You can buy a share in their company for only £1.  If you are interested then you can contact any member of 9 teen.



Here is their ‘Easter Card Collection’ which will be on sale after the Easter Awards assembly.  Easter Cards 40p each.

‘9 teen’ Jewellery on PhotoPeach

What’s happening this weekend?

I’m off to do some walking and a bit of digging on my allotment. I hope to catch some of the rugby on telly as well. I’m pretty sure that our students are up to more interesting stuff than that. Let us know what your plans are!  You could also tell us about your free time!

Mr Jones

100 Comments already!

This is amazing stuff.  The Iffley Mead blog has already had 100 comments.  They have come from teachers, teaching assistants, pastoral support workers, students, parents, friends and even from teachers from other schools!

The 100th comment was about the Bistro commission…

“That is an awesome painting you have created there and it has given me an idea for my class as well.”

It was posted by Roy Bird a teacher at Springfield Primary School.

Bistro Commission

KS4 Artists Caitlin, Daisy, Jamie and Hassan have finished their painting for the Bistro here at Iffley Mead.  They worked as a team over four weeks on a huge painting which is now on display.  They were rewarded with afternoon tea at the Bistro.


So here is where the posts will go…

We could have posts from staff and students including examples of good work, photos, typed literacy work, videos etc etc. Students would be able to post but only after the admin had moderated it.  Other people can comment on their posts but again their comments would need staff moderation.  If we mis-post something we can delete it, just like I can delete this…