Here is a space for you to put comments about what you are up to.

This space was requested by Miro Class and they have suggested a rule…

If you wouldn’t say it in assembly you shouldn’t say it on the blog!

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  1. Thank you to Mr Procter-Legg for setting up this chat page.
    Chat to us and each other. Tell us what you are doing after school.

    Miro Class

  2. I went to Primark and bought some Jumpers and t shirts and its was so busy. Then i went to the Works and bought some paints with my nephew and then i went to the market with my mum and my nephew for some rabbit food and some dog bones .Then we went home on a bus. Then all my family came in and had some dinner it was so great and it was funny with my cousin. On sunday my family came to my house and had some dinner for Easter then we had lots of Easter eggs. Next day I went to tesco with my mum and my brother and I got a dvd it was so funny .

  3. ROLL ON SUMMER!!!!!!!!!
    As you all know im going Switzerland in August but before that I’m doing the three peaks challenge. I’ll be climbing up the highest mountains in Wales (Snowdon), England (Scaffold Pike) and Scotland (Ben Nevis) all in one weekend. all the sponsosr from all the nice teacher need to be in be for friday i will be coming round to get the money thamks from all the oxford blues players and staff xxx <3

  4. Hello to you lovely Iffley Mead people out there.

    No, I’m afraid I’m not missing school or wishing the holidays would end so that I can get back to work – although I have to admit, I do miss you all 🙂 I was actually thinking about Wasim and wondering how he is getting on with his recovery. Can anyone fill me in?

    Hope you are all enjoying yourselves and have lots of exciting tales to tell when you get back to school. If all you’ve been doing is relaxing then good job – we’re gonna work you hard in September…ha ha ha


    Miss Webster

  5. Hi everyone!
    Well we are nearing the end of the summer, boo hoo!
    Hope everyone is well and buying their new pens and pencils for the new term!
    Scott I hope the hockey went well, I am sure u will fill us in when we are back at school!
    See you all soon xx

  6. anther week at my dads then going to the parilimpiks and hope fully that is guna be good and i will show you all pics if i get any i miss you all and cant wate to see my new class

  7. I am trying to become a Nekoti Sherwood Ambassador and would like it if my friends here at Iffley Mead could go onto this link and vote for me I need alot of votes to get up the top of the leader board so all your votes are valuable to me.

    I had a lovely time in Switzerland and thanks for all the help that I received we came 9th out of 10 teams but I was playing against 18-19 year olds in the Swiss and German teams it was very hard work but has made me more confident in my abilties.

    I have posted a video of me playing at the weekend on my wall so please watch it and vote the link is also there

  8. Mr Procter-legge just to let you know Stefan is at hospital on the 9 /1/13 will ring school when he gets home to come to school . Hope you had a great christmas and happy new year

  9. what i did in the school holidays: i went to my dads house and it was good because i had lodes of chocolate and it was my birthday and i got what i wonted so that was good and Mr Procterlegg when can u and miss shoker do the Amsterdam trip last year :'(

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