Time Capsule


Hello Iffley Mead Blog!

Kahn class have been thinking long and hard about the task Mrs. Smith set us in Monday’s assembly.

So we would like to open this space up to you guys and girls to share your ideas on what the future will look like in 60 years time.

Kahn class have been thinking about what transport would look like (we thought there might be a transportation machine or flying cars), what food and drink we will have, what hobbies we will play, what fashion will look like.

We also thought about if we might have robots and what kind of jobs they might do.

So Iffley Mead and friends let

Kahn Class and the Imaginarium!

Kahn Class have been doing a really exciting project with the students at the blog Imaginarium. The Imaginarium students are based all the way over the other side of the world in Australia!

A pupil at the Imaginarium contacted Kahn to ask if we wanted to do a project with their class. Miss Macfall then emailed their class teacher and together we have been taking photographs of the things that we love about our schools and writing about them. Have a look at what Kahn Class have to say about Iffley Mead!

Don’t forget to check out the brilliant work that the Imaginarium students posted up on their school blog as well :http://imaginarium.edublogs.org/