Movie time!

6th Form Movies
Film Project run in conjunction with First Light and Film Oxford, Isis Academy 6th Form & Yr.11
We made two films over a period of two months, The Red Sofa, and Mr. Robinzom. We worked alongside professionals from the film industry using professional equipment. We learned many skills such as; teamwork, editing, camera skills, working safely, making music/soundtracks/special effects.
We were surprised by how many tricks we could use with the camera, and how different effects could be created using the green screen. The amount of different sound affects available impressed us as well. It did surprise us how much cost is involved, and the time it takes to create the music. We had to create our own, copyright-free music to use in both films.
Liam Fennell enjoyed working with industry standard professional cameras. Matthew Thomas-Pain liked making the music. Daniyal enjoyed using the cameras also, but particularly enjoyed writing the script.
We would like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to all the volunteers and professionals who helped us, and worked with us on this project. We are extremely grateful and appreciate your help very much.










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