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  1. Hello over there Isis academy!
    Here in Lambie we have been thinking about you and wondering what you have been doing. Here are some questions we wanted to ask you……
    1) Are you missing Dexter and Marley?
    2) Are you sleeping well?
    3) How long did it take to get to Amsterdam?
    4) What type of food have you been eating?
    5) What is the weather like?
    6) Are you enjoying the swimming?
    7) Are you having a nice time?
    8) How was the flight? Were you scared?
    We are having a nice time but we really miss you. We hope that you can reply to our message soon. From Lambie class

    • Hello!

      We are having loads of fun and enjoyed the flight! It took us all day to get to Amsterdam but it was fun…
      Mrs Willett is missing the dogs but has Huw instead 🙂
      Everyone is sleeping well even Stefan and Luke who have slept right through 🙂
      We are eating everything Mr Procter-Legg has put on about 3 stone 🙂
      Yesterday we cycled 10miles with some students to Haarlem and Chloe was one of the first ones there and back!!
      We will see you soon and look out for the postcard (posted today).
      Mr PL

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