8 thoughts on “Students Recipes

  1. I enjoyed the pasta recipe and I tried the garden veg pasta. It tasted so good and it is very Heathy.
    I tried the pasta with creamy sauce and it tasted so good as well. I like cooking pasta recipes and my family like trying what I make.

  2. I enjoyed all of the pasta recipes, they were so lovely and good. I really liked the pasta with a creamy sauce and I made it two times and it was nice. My favourite is all the pasta recipes but my first favourite is spicy sausage pasta. I put extra chilli powder in it and I liked it. It was nice but it was a bit too hot but I still liked it so did my dad and my mum they loved it!t

  3. My favourite pasta recipe is spicy sausage pasta. l like putting lots of chilli powder in it because I like hot food. I have made spicy sausage pasta twice and I liked it both times, I think it’s nice and tasty.

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