Atlantic College July 2012

Earlier this month a group of students went on a residential trip to Wales. What a fantastic week! Lots of fun, rain and mud!! Activities included sand-sledging, canoeing, climbing, beach walks and a nightly disco. Can some of you adventurers let us know what your favourite part of the week was?



20 thoughts on “Atlantic College July 2012

  1. The best activity i did was canoeing and i enjoyed the beach walk
    and the food was very nice.
    i also liked the swimming before dinner.
    I enjoyed the disco.

  2. to lucy.
    did you enjoy the week away from school to atlantic college.
    did you enjoy the activities and most of all did you enjoy the disco.
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. i fell in love with AC i did not want to leave because it is so good and i loved mountain boarding and sand-sledging if u do not know what sand-sleding is now u will it is like tobogganing only on sand and u walk to the top of a sand dune and go down quite very fast and u can go up ramps and have a big crash and itis very exciting

    • Hi Jessica am sure you would have loved our trip! Do you guys get to go away with your school? What kind of things do you do? Be great to find out more 🙂

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