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Hello Iffley Mead Blog!

Kahn class have been thinking long and hard about the task Mrs. Smith set us in Monday’s assembly.

So we would like to open this space up to you guys and girls to share your ideas on what the future will look like in 60 years time.

Kahn class have been thinking about what transport would look like (we thought there might be a transportation machine or flying cars), what food and drink we will have, what hobbies we will play, what fashion will look like.

We also thought about if we might have robots and what kind of jobs they might do.

So Iffley Mead and friends let

8 thoughts on “Time Capsule

  1. Lambie class were thinking about what we would look like in 60 years time. We have made a few drawings… I’m afraid to tell you I don’t look that great 🙂
    If you fancy having a go there is an app on the iPads called ‘Age My Face’ which was our starting point! Be warned it will make you laugh 🙂

  2. Life in 60 years time. I will be old and wrinkly. There will be new shops and new sky scrapers and really cool phones and hover laptops. Life will be boring with the robots doing all the work for us and we will not not be earning the mony the robots are. We need to know how to live on own and look after our kids and kids safty because the robot might go out of control and hurt them.

  3. I like using the ipad becase you can replay the video over agan. I like them because we don use them all the time and you can worrk at your own speed. I hope i can use. them some more.

  4. I will be 71 and I will be old and wrinkly and dragons will be transport and I will have a bed that floats and I will
    have a big swimming pool and a gym .

  5. I think in 60 years time instead of trains we will have a tele porter to get every where around the world. All you need to do is to say where you want to go. I reckon you will be able to build homes and sky scrapers will be built in a second. In school I think you will watch a video and it will teach you everything.I think there will be a world war. Instead of pounds we will have dollars. In our leisure time we will still play on the computer for lesure time.

  6. Wow!
    What lovely Ideas you all have. Kahn class have been making a whole class artwork of our ideas – Hope to post a picture up soon for you guys and girls to see!
    I wonder what food we will be eating in 60 years time?

  7. Hi it is Jessica from the imaginarium class.
    you would look very old in 60 years time.
    I wonder what it will look there:)

    reply soon


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