6 thoughts on “Mrs Willett meets the Queen

  1. That is sooo cool! I wonder what the Queen wore. A beautiful pretty dress?
    It would have been very exciting and fun! Was it far away from our school?

    Hope you reply soon!

  2. I was really honoured to be invited to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Garden Party at Henley-on-Thames on Monday. I took my friend Sally with me; she is the Head Teacher of John Watson special school in Wheatley. As you can see from our photo, Sally and I were both wearing lovely new dresses and hats bought especially for the occasion! We were delighted to actually see the Queen and Prince Phillip several times during Monday afternoon as they circulated around the party meeting their guests. The Royal Party arrived on a river barge; you can see in the photo that Sally and I are standing in front of the specially comissioned Royal Diamond Jubilee barge which was absolutely stunning and decked out in gold. The Queen was wearing a lovely powder blue dress and jacket with a large blue hat; this was really handy as it meant that we could see where she was all the time.

    Well I certainly enjoyed my day mixing with royalty……. back to the grindstone now and another hard day of working at Iffley Mead!

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