Kahn Class and the Imaginarium!

Kahn Class have been doing a really exciting project with the students at the blog Imaginarium. The Imaginarium students are based all the way over the other side of the world in Australia!

A pupil at the Imaginarium contacted Kahn to ask if we wanted to do a project with their class. Miss Macfall then emailed their class teacher and together we have been taking photographs of the things that we love about our schools and writing about them. Have a look at what Kahn Class have to say about Iffley Mead!

Don’t forget to check out the brilliant work that the Imaginarium students posted up on their school blog as well :http://imaginarium.edublogs.org/

7 thoughts on “Kahn Class and the Imaginarium!

  1. Hi Kahn class! We really enjoyed looking at your photos and reading about what makes your school special.
    To Jake – that is cool that you have squirrels! We don’t have squirrels in our school, they are not native to Australia.
    To Kahn class – We liked your Gallery! We thought it was a bedroom because it looked so comfortable and had toys in it.
    To Chloe and Sarah – Your Bistro sounds interesting. We have something similar called a canteen which is open every day for recess and lunch and students and teachers can buy their lunch. Yum!

    We have really enjoyed learning about your school. It was really fun!

  2. Good work guys! I really like the photos and that you are helping each other to make your work. My favourite is the Bistro… and yes I have ordered my lunch! 🙂

  3. The other thing I was surprised about was how their school is a lot like ours?!? They even have the ‘working together’ logo. Funny a school on the other side of the world and they are a bit like us! This is a great project so well done for getting involved.

  4. Thank you for looking at our photographs and writing.
    Chloe says: ‘I really want to carry on doing a project with the people in Australia it has been great fun to learn about them in their country 🙂 ‘
    Sarah says; ‘Thank you for your lovely comments’
    Jamar says; ‘I have really enjoyed doing this project – I have liked learning about how similar your school is to ours’
    Lee says ‘I liked taking photographs of our school and sharing them with you’
    Kelvin says ‘It was fun looking at your blog – did you like our blog?’
    Thanks Imaginarium it has been awesome to link up with you guys!
    Kahn Class

  5. Dear:Kahn class,
    Hi it’s me Jessica from the Imaginarium class from Australia. As Miss Sallis said your school or class has a bistro. But our school has something similar but bigger it is called a canteen. We sell cookies, muffins, soup and more. But I want to know what your school has in your bistro?
    Reply to me any time!

    • Dear Jessica,

      Our school Bistro is a little bit like a canteen as it has all the stuff you would expect to find in a kicthen.
      We offer hot and cold drinks such as:
      Juice – orange and apple
      We offer hot and cold food made by Mrs Brookes and Students (Gavin in our class works in the Bistro every week). The food on offer is:
      Curry and rice
      and lots and lots more!
      As well as the Bistro we also have the school kitchen where students can get their lunch we have set food every day like sausages and chips, beef burgers, chicken breast and rice we also have a salad bar.
      Thanks Jessica
      Wolf Kahn

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