Manga on the iPads

Today in Lambie class we had loads of fun researching Manga and independently using the iPads to make Manga drawings!

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  1. I had to Google Search Manga so I could find out about what you’ve been drawing! It looks like you were working really hard in your art lesson. I’m looking forward to seeing the final pieces of work. Just one question – why do you need headphones on when you’re drawing??

    • It would be too loud if we didn’t wear headphones. We need headphones to listen to Mr Procter-Legg talking on the film. So you know what to do. This stop me getting confused.
      Because he might forget to tell you how to explane it to us.
      and then that would mean we would not know what to do.

    • It helps reduce noise levels and helps some who have got hearing problems. Its like being in one to one tuition. You can understand it more than if everybody was playing it out loud. You can listen to it and when you have listened to the bit you are on draw it and pause it and then continue.

    • Because we need to listen to the instructions on drawing manga Zachary. it can help you concentrate on the piece of work and keeps you focused. Liam – We need to leave the headphones on so if we get confused we can replay the video or press pause. Zachary.

    • Also, using the headphones in our art lessons has been a great way of moving students on to a new task without disturbing others who are still finishing off their work!

  2. Hello! I was wondering what is a manga. Is it a game? Is it an animal? or is it a type of a living creature?
    I wonder what it is. I’m glad you’re researching about it because I want to know about it.I hope you tell me later on! 🙂

  3. Hi guys! I am looking foward to knowing what manga means. Is it a animal? Is it a kind of fruit? Is it in nature? Is it a game? or is it a type of plant?
    I hope you tell me later:)

  4. Dear Kahn Class,
    Our class does lots of our learning on the iPad like evernote.Is manga like shadow artworks? The images you’ve put up look beautiful, I wonder who drew them.

    • Hey Cindy!
      We have been really enjoying doing our Art Work on Manga (a kind of cartoon drawing).

      The images you can see on this post are by Lambie Class.

      Kahn class also thought they looked great!

  5. Its easier to understand because no one can interrupt because you are using head phones and you carnt hear them and its peaceful. You can get on with the work quicker. Its fun because your learning to use the Ipads and you can keep pausing the video if you need more time.

  6. I liked the ipads because i can work independently at my own pace and they are quicker than the old laptops . and it was better then Mr Jones teaching us .

  7. It was fine. The best bit was using an i pad for sketching an eye because I was working independently and at mine own speed. You can also rewind the video and pause it to help you.
    :p 😀

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