Cotswold Wildlife Park

What a brilliant day KS3 had at Cotswold Wildlife Park! The weather was kind to us and the sun shone all day. We all enjoyed the animals, picnic lunch and the gift shop! Thanks to the Rotary Club for organising such a good day out.



14 thoughts on “Cotswold Wildlife Park

  1. Hello KS3. What a terrific day you had in the wildlife park. I’m glad that it was a lovely, sunny day and that you all had lots of fun! I hope you enjoyed your day at the wildlife park and the gift shop. I wish I was there too. I wonder what animals you saw?
    From Jinni, Belmore South Public School, Australia

  2. Kahn Class had a brilliant day!
    We saw Monkeys, Spiders, Camels, Crocodiles, A Massive Snake (Jamican Bo), Lizards, Penguins, a talking Parrot, Chameleon, Pigs and Sheep, Rhinos, Ostrich, Bulls, Giraffe and lots and lots more!
    My group got to go on the train as well which was really good fun!
    Chloe’s jumper almost got eaten by a pony!
    Abbi got shouted at by an angry Turkey
    Jake got a little bit grumpy but turned it around to have a positive day!
    Miss Macfall finally got to see the Sloth (she has been trying to see if for 3 years)
    What fun and excitement!

    • That’s cool! Why did the angry turkey shout at abby? Also, how did Chloe’s jacket nearly got eaten by a pony?

      Hope you reply soon! BYE!!

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