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  1. I learnt on RE day that many people go to Mecca and eat bread in tents. I would send a message to my friends about the festivities. I already have a shaved head to keep me cool and fresh in the desert.

  2. I learnt on RE day that you shave your head before you return home and that muslims go to Mecca and when one of the classes were filming a pet dog came in to the film.
    Also before you go to pray you have to wash your self and you canot eat in the day light.
    Also before they go home they also have to kill a animal.
    They have to run around a cube that is called the Kabah seven times.
    At night they sleep under the stars.
    They can also sleep in a tent.
    The weather is very hot.
    They also have to bring bead and apples.

  3. I learnt on RE day that muslims went to mecca.

    They slept under the stars in a tent.
    They washed their hands and feet and there face before praying.
    The weather is really hot there and many people shave their heads.
    They throw stones and the devil.
    They went to mecca by a plane they had to tack bred with them.

  4. I learnt on re day that Muslims went to Mecca.
    I went to my friends.They slept in the tent.I ate my breakfast. The weather is very hot. I sent a letter to Jen .They wore poor and rich. They wore Scared to go in the devil.

  5. I learnt on RE day that muslim have a celebration called hajj they travel threw the desert and they only took the necessary like a tent,food like fresh bread and water because the weather was so warm in the desert I play Jen in a production and my friend played ben the day was very interesting we sent the hole day learning about a different culture. they shave there heads and wear the same clothes to show equality and they walk around a chest to step in to purity.

  6. I learnt on RE day that it was about mecca they sleep in tents and they can sleep and look at the stars and they go once in there life and you have to walk around the kabah 7 times and they can eat fresh bread and the weather is hot to and all of the peplor have to were white cloth so no one nos how is rich and poor the peplor and they have to shave there head to have a new life and they pray on mats and MISS MCFALL BROKE AN IPAD 3 ?????? 😮 😮

  7. I learnt on RE day that Muslims go to Mecca. They walk around the cube. Before they get there they wash their feet. They wear white clothes. They went round the cube 7 times. They shaved their heads.

  8. Hi Iffley Mead students. My class in New South Wales, Australia also does work on the iPads. What does RE stand for?
    One day, I wonder if Kahn class and my class, The Imaginarium can work together using technology like computers, because we are far away.
    Bye, I loved reading about your school. Where exactly is it?
    From Cindy (year 6, Belmore South PS)

  9. hi Cindy
    Thanks for your comment, RE is ‘Religious Education’ and Kahn Class used the IPADS to make a film about the muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, Hajj.
    It was a grea day!

  10. Dear Cindy,
    Thank you for your comment.
    As Mrs. Whitehead said R.E stands for Religious Education’
    Iffley Mead School is in Oxford which is the best city in the United Kingdom

  11. Dear Kahn Class,
    Thank you for replying, and explaining what RE means.
    We do have kangaroos in Australia, and we can see them at the zoo and even in the bush, country or the outback.
    Yes we do have koalas in the bushes and sleeping in some trees.
    We also have Golden Orb spiders and we were lucky enough to see them when we were on an excursion.
    Your other questions were fabulous, and we are going to do some more research and get back to you.
    Bye for now! 🙂

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