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  1. I went to se babby lambs they are black and I also feed them.
    when people feed them they normally walk away from them that means they are scared of people.
    but they were not scared of me.
    I also stroked them.

  2. Hi everyone,

    Well I had a nice relaxing holiday, spent a lot of time on the sofa watching dvds and eating my Cadbury Buttons Easter eggs that the Easter Bunny left for me. Luckly the dogs didin’t find them first!

    I also visited the Cotswold Wildlife Park with lots of small children and enjoyed watching the penguins being fed, I think I would like to be a penguin keeper! Do you think a penguin would be able to live in my bath?!

    There was a lot of sport on during the holidays and I enjoyed watching Manchester United get a little bit closer to winning their 20th title….Arsenal did us a favour beating Manchester City!! Finger nails have been biten a lot listening to Oxford United play…did anyone go to any games?

    I am now on a countdown to Amsterdam…”hmmmm where did I put my passport?”

  3. On the 2nd of April we went Ilfracombe in Devon and we slept in a bungalow in John Fowlers holiday.We went to the pub to see freddy fox but I did’nt join in I played on the pool with my mum and my big sister.We went to the wildlive and dinosaur park to see the aminals and we see the sea lion show to see one of them named Aero and I know a hand sighn to make Aero make his noise and a man took a picture of me and my sisters kissed Aero.

  4. I my holidays I went on Zombies and I got 90 kills on level 70. I played on my bother’s iPad with him. I went to the park with my mum and my dig.

  5. I went to see my dad and had lots of easter eggs.I went to Mcdonalds and the Pitt Rivers museum.I saw a live bee hive and a giant crab skeleton! 🙂

  6. For my holiday i went to Luxemburg. when we got there i went to one of the parks with my twin sisters.
    then we went back to our holiday home and mum and dad took us to an old iron mine.
    To get there we all went on a train and it was very very cold down there. After the mine we went to a theim park
    and it was fun but there was a very scairy ride there to. After we went on a high speed train and it was super fast it was going toGermany.

  7. Hi all!
    Hope you had a great holiday over the past two weeks away and I’m enjoying reading about what some of you have done.

    I had a great holiday. For a change I did some walking. I walked the length of a trail called the Ridgeway which is 87 miles long. The Ridgeway goes past places like Swindon, Faringdon, Wantage, Chinnor and near to Aylesbury. Some of you may know those places. It took me 4 days to do the walk. I was really lucky with the weather and got a bit of a tan from all the lovely sunshine.

    I also met up with some old friends and went out for a meal, which was very tasty.

    Oh and I also had a little problem with my mobile phone. Let’s just say I now need to get a new phone! :/

  8. In the holidays I went to the cinema .I watched 21 Jump Street before I went to mcdonalds and I had a quarter pounder. I also had pringles in the cinema. There were some girls and boys they laughed in the middle of the film. and Johnny Depp was in the film for a bit of it. I think the film was brilliant

  9. What I Did On My Hoilday….

    I Went to increadible museum with my step dad called Stef and me.I want to get out of the house.We went on a double decker bus it was smelly and busy.I did a little bit of walking and it was tiring.The weather was Over cast.The first thing we visited was the Ashmolean Museum,then we went to amazing Pit Rilver I saw ancinet man made thing then afther that i got some food from Mc Donnels i had a Big Mac.

  10. What i did on my holiday
    On my holiday I went to Weymouth with my dad and my step brother. I had to go Weymouth and my dad got me a new BMX. We went in my dads new Nissan, its blue and fast, its Sub Zero. My dad got a new dog on sunday. It was hot on the beach. The dog is a English bulldog its a boy and he is big.

  11. I went to a nerf war near my home across from the fireworks shop. me and my frends and i playd capture the flag and battles which is a 20 a side game. The field had huts and long grass it was beatiful day and it was fun.We came 4th we won easter eggs and we walked to my houes.i hope you all had fun.

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