8 thoughts on “There’s a Boy in the Girls Bathroom Quiz

  1. 1.Mrs.Ebbel.2.Homework.3.6 years old.4.He can actually talk to them.5.no he won’t.6.He’s cruel to do it.7.A bad drawing.8.He fell in love.9.No she’s not.10.A little bit.

  2. 1.miss evely
    2.who shot my dad
    4.no its wrong
    5.at the end
    6.the girls beat him first
    7.space monster
    9.no she wont be i trouble and it is to help him
    10.i think it is going good

  3. 1. MRS EBBEL.
    3. 11.
    4. YES.
    5. POSEBLY.
    7. MOSTER.
    9. MAYBE.
    10. YES I DO AND ITS VERRY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  4. 1. Mrs Ebbel
    2. gold stars
    3. 10 years old
    4. yes i think its ok for him to toalk to his toys.
    5. maybe he can at the end.
    6. Jeff sed no i cont doit . 7. A green morster 8. embaressed 9. maybe yes carla mighit get in troubel. 10. yes i like the book.

  5. 1. mrs ebble.
    2.how dose it feel to be in jail.
    4.kind of.
    5.maybe when he is good.
    6.the girls went to beat him up.
    7.it was an alien.
    8.he felt imbaresed.
    9.yes she shold not to that to a student.
    10.yes I love it so much.

  6. 1. mrs EbbeL
    2. monsters
    3. 15
    4. yes he can taik to his toys. 10.

    5. He will get a gdd star.
    6.The girls beat him uP.
    7. monsters
    8.Happy because he thinKs Carla likes him now.
    9.Yes because teachers shoulnt kiss childrenm!

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