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‘9 teen’ are a young enterprise team made up of nine students. They make and sell crafts.  You can buy a share in their company for only £1.  If you are interested then you can contact any member of 9 teen.



Here is their ‘Easter Card Collection’ which will be on sale after the Easter Awards assembly.  Easter Cards 40p each.

‘9 teen’ Jewellery on PhotoPeach


30 thoughts on “Young Enterprise

  1. The cards look great! Don’t forget there will also be some jewellry and bag tags – great presents for friends and family especially if they are personalised with a name or favourite colours… We await the orders!!!

  2. i think the cards are lovely well done to the young enterprise who has made the cards i will hopefully buy two easter cards for my mum and dad

  3. Blog Site looks very professional and I love the cards and jewellery on offer. Well done everyone.
    I look forward to hearing about how sales went after Easter.

  4. This blog is a great way to let people know about ‘9teen’. How do I buy a share in the company?
    I liked the colourful designs on the cards. May I place an order for the yellow card with flower petals in Easter Egg shape. I’d like to pick this up after the Easter Assembly.
    The jewellery looks attractive – would make a nice birthday present ( Jamie please this as a hint!)
    Have you thought of including a price tag?
    Do you have any other products that would be suitable as gifts for boys/men?

    Well done ‘9teen’

  5. I’m glad you like the cards, I will reserve the requested card for you now as long as no one else has bought it already. The jewellry is £1- £3 there are earings, a bracelet and some nice bag tags. Unfortunately ther are no Male gift things at the moment but we will have a think about that for next time. Thanks for your support,
    Mrs Marshall (Young Enterprise teacher)

  6. i worked on the Easter stall . we sold lots of cards.
    they were good. we sold lots of jewellery
    the Young Enterprise group made alot of money.

  7. We made some home made dog biscuits and the dogs at school loved them “Woof Woof”
    And we hope to make and sell some more in the near future

    Give us a shout if you want some

  8. I don’t have a dog so how about making some ordinary biscuits to sell? I love shortbread and would happily buy some made by the Young Enterprise team. I would like to become a shareholder, as would Jamie’s dad and brother. So come on Jamie please remember to bring three forms home!


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