What’s happening this weekend?

I’m off to do some walking and a bit of digging on my allotment. I hope to catch some of the rugby on telly as well. I’m pretty sure that our students are up to

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  1. Well Mr Jones, I hope you enjoy your weekend?! I am having a night infront on the telly tonight bit of Emmerdale! Then I am also watching rugby and celebrating a frineds 30th birthday Saturday night!
    My weekend isn’t very exciting either but at least I get a lie in! 😉

  2. Have a great weekend everyone! Not doing anything much. Working with the Parasol Dance group Saturday and having some fun :-). Lie in Sunday and definitely checking out the blog! Its fantastic!

  3. My dad has friends coming today and they are going to bring there two little boys.
    And they are also going to bring there golden Labrador.
    Then seeing my mum tonight.
    And I will be at my mums house tonight and tomorrow night.

  4. Took my Mum out for lunch on Saturday to beat the crowds and will see her later today with some flowers. Doing boring stuff the rest of the day such as washing and school work Yawn…

  5. my weekand was a bit boring but apart from that it was all fine and mum is having a good day and i have not finished her card yet but i will give it to her tomorrow so that will be a good thing and i am chatting to my friends on facebook xx

  6. Thanks Leah for sharing your weekend. Hope your Mum likes her card… when she gets it!!

    One unusual thing I saw was in a place called Chipping Norton yesterday. While waiting to go on a walk my friends and I were surprised to see an armed policeman with a machine go into Sainsburys! Not something you see every day. I wonder why he was there? Was he buying some flowers for his mum? Or maybe he was there to protect someone famous who lives near Chipping Norton? Do any of you know anyone famous who lives near Chipping Norton?

  7. On friday when I went home from school we went to Asda Livings and then I found a skylander what I need.It was a Boomer the tech skylander who was a troll who throws dinamites for attack.So I pay for it and play it on the Wii.

  8. on sunday i had toast in the morning and then played sanandreas (ps2 game) and then i went on the laptop then had dinner it was roast chicken then went back on the laptop then it was night time about 9pm i went of the laptop went up stairs played scarface the world is yours (ps2 game) it is a good game then

    • 224 comments so far. All of which are positive interesting responses. Already this evening we have been visited by teachers, students and parents!!

  9. Hi Jemima, good to hear from you. Hope you enjoying holidays, I am having a quiet day but going to a birthday party tonight. Have eaten the choc you gave me! Thanks, it was yummy xx

  10. I’ve also eaten my chocolate and have been out running today. I came 6th in the Abingdon Park 5km so I shall be sleeping the rest of the weekend 🙂

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