100 Comments already!

This is amazing stuff.  The Iffley Mead blog has already had 100 comments.  They have come from teachers, teaching assistants, pastoral support workers, students, parents, friends and even from teachers from other schools!

The 100th comment was about the Bistro commission…

“That is an awesome painting you have created there and it has given me an idea for my class as well.”

It was posted by Roy Bird a teacher at Springfield Primary School.

12 thoughts on “100 Comments already!

  1. The Iffley Mead Blog seems to have taken us by storm!
    I am so impressed with all of the stduents who are using it in their own time!
    Let’s keep up the good blogging and I hope to see some new and exciting posts coming soon!
    Big well done to Mr Procter-Legg – you have captured the imagination of everyone!!!

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