18 thoughts on “Mr Jones was right about his students

  1. I’m very proud of my class’s artistic talents! We really enjoy our art lessons each week as hopefully you can tell from this selection of work from the past couple of terms. Well done! 🙂

  2. I absolutely LOVE Joan Miro and was lucky enough to visit his Museum when I was in Barcelona a few years ago. I enjoyed finding about the huge range of work he did including a very early pencil drawing about a tortoise.

    My favourite is what I call ‘Jazz Fish’ (although I have no idea what it’s really called :-)) as the colours are bold and it looks fun! What was your favourite piece of his work?

    Mrs Ratcliffe
    St Peters, Cassington

    • Miro class were impressed that someone from another school was interested in our blog. It’s all very new but we’re excited about it. All the classes in our school are named after artists and we are named after Joan Miro. We will soon be posting pictures of our own ‘Miro’ style canvasses. We hope you like them.
      And this morning we also had a look at the St Peter’s School blog. It looks really interesting and informative. We’ll keep looking in regularly.
      Mr Jones and Miro Class

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