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    • Thankyou for starting this blog which has allowed us to get this story out to the public in time. We look forward to using it for more stories.

  1. I think that this is a fantastic piece of work. It’s really sad to see shops closing down and to hear about how this affects the lives of the people who work there and their families.
    Well done reporters!!

    • Thanks for reading it. The reporters have worked very hard, going and interviewing lots of different people and working with me to put the story together. I think they should be pleased with themselves.I am.

  2. A well written and thought provoking report. It started a lively and interesting discussion in Miro class today. Everyone in the class had lots to say about this very important and topical issue. Thank you!

  3. I shop on Ebay small shops like Martins Hmv Game and Blockbuster.I buy sweets games dvds and drinks.Ebay has got lots of good stuff like Guitar hero games or Metallica cds and it is about

  4. I think people should shop in Sainsburys because Sainsburys is a big super store and it is alot cheaper than other super stores.
    However Sainsburys has lots of food magazines clothes toys and books.
    There is a tiny shop in my village that alot of people go to.
    You shold also go and shop in JJb sport to buy sports clothing.
    the little shops wold shut down because nobody would go go to the little shops.

    • I like the way you have written this, it is giving an opinion. Using words like ‘however’ shows that you are thinking about both sides of the argument. Well done.

  5. Tesco is a superstore. and it has lots of food. Local shops are good because you can walk to them. They will shut down and the bigger to exist stores might stop the little ones existing

  6. I shop in Waitrose as it is big and there is alot of choice. You can buy books, magazines and toys. Small shops will shut if we dont, use them.

  7. I shop at one pound land because it is cheap there and it is a big store.You can walk there and buy things like ice cream and coca cola. 🙂

  8. The shops near me are very good but some are small and some are big.The biggest shop is Sainsbury’s.I like all the shops near me but there is one problem.The other smal lshops are starting to close down which is a bad problem. But when they start to get more money they may open so that we all can go there.There is a man that works in one but its very small.This is a report from that man and he looked very upset! “I have not got much money becase I don’t get alot of customers!” After that i gave him what I had in my wallet and piggy bank.Then the next day I got a knock on the door and it was that man thanking me! But after a few days people started going in his shop and he was happy!!!!

  9. I shop at Tesco because small shops can not keep up because they do not have enough food to keep people happy or house hold items for public demand. Because bigger store are more populr because they do not sell to many swets.

  10. I shop at argos and it was a large superstore.I bought triple packs of skylanders because it was from the catalogue.I buy sweets every friday and if nobody comes to the small shops they will be closed.
    The people go on the internet and shop on ebay.

  11. It is great to see you all responding to the story that we put on the blog for School Report Live! This is just the sort of item to get everyone thinking and commenting. So if you have any ideas for more stories we could do then let us know – something on Sport relief this Friday perhaps…?

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    BY ME

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